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Basic Information

New Zealand is located in the southwestern Pacific Ocean, the seasons are the opposite to most of the other countries.

  • What you need

    Multi-functional Plug Adaptor:
    The sockets in New Zealand are 3 pins, if you are from the country which uses 2 pins sockets then you might need a plug adaptor.

    Foreign Currency:
    Although most shops in New Zealand accept international credit cards, some local designer stores still only accept cash or NZ bank cards. So bring some NZD cash with you.

    Passport, ID Card, Driver license
    (If you plan to drive in New Zealand, you need to have your licence in English, or have an accurate translation)


    New Zealand is very strict with the drug, if it is not your everyday medicine, we suggest you not to bring it.

    Spring & Autumn

    Spring and autumn in New Zealand have the best weather and temperature.
    You can still feel cold in March, so a light coat is neccessary.

    long sleeve tops,shirts,trousers/short pants


    Avg Temperature 15℃


    The winter is not that cold in New Zealand. The average temperature is 10 degrees in most of the cities in North island. The ski season in south island is one of the best aroung the world. The temperature can drop down to -10 degrees in south island. A warm coat is needful in case the unexpectedly changing of the weather.

    Ski-wear,warm coats,scarves


    Avg Temperature 12℃ - 16℃

    Photo: Tourism New Zealand


    The temperature is not very high in summer. But because of the high latitude, the direct sunshine is very strong and will cause skin cancer if you do not apply enough sunscreen. You might want to bring an umbrella with you to prevent you from the sudden rain shower.

    T-shirts, short pants,sunscreen coat


    Avg Temperature 25℃